Sunday, 11 December 2016

Panorama - The ugly truth

Ugly truth starts with the TRP ratings, and the extremes taken to popularise a TV show.

A career oriented girl - Abby played by Katherine Heigl, is a control freak. The scene where she is on a date (well prepared ;-)), shows her preparedness.
Mike (Gérard Butler), the anchor of a popular show reveals her, the ugly truth of what the men are after.
True! It is the ugly truth!

Mike disguises Abby to a person who she is not. Colin (Eric winter) falls for Abby.
Is it good to live a dual life?
Will she not get suffocated?
Time to reveal the truth of who and what she is. Will she continue the relationship with Colin? What about the unspoken love of Mike?

Watch it to feel the love in Mike's (Gérard Butler) eyes towards (Katherine Heigl).